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Long Distance

All races will be conducted in accordance with IOF Competition Rules and recommended winning times.
Long Distance: The competition consists of two Qualification races and a Final. Based on the overall result of the qualification races, the first 80 competitors of each class will qualify for the A-final, the following 80 to the B-final etc. (See IOF Competition Rules for exact numbers).

All three Long races will take place in coniferous forest including parts of mountainous terrain. The terrain is partly steep but generally with good runnability, few rocks, some paths and open ski pistes. The area selected for the Final is especially beautiful as well as providing a world class technical challenge.
Athletes may use chair lifts to reach the starting area of the Long races.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Particular attention must be given by participants to altitude: all the terrains of the Long and Sprint races lie between 1300 and 2300 metres above sea level! It is advisable for athletes to acclimatise for a few days before the races.