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Medical Certificate

A medical certificate like this (link) is needed by the Italian Law in order to participate to competitive sport event like WMOC 2013.
Please note that in Italy the medical certificate is valid just for one year!

The Italian law is very strict about this matter and the accreditation staff will not allow any athlete to participate at the competition without the medical certificate.

If you wish to participate please print the template and get it signed by your doctor.

To speed up the accreditation process, please upload your certificate here:


PLEASE NOTE: every athlete for every country, have to consign an original copy of the medical certificate at the accreditation desk.

You must have the original medical certificate during the competition period!

Medical certificate fac-simile

WMG 2013
The medical examinations required (ex Italian Law "D.M. 18 febbraio 1982") to obtain a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports added in Torino 2013 World Masters Games sport program are:
1. Medical-sports check up;
2. A regular urine test;
3. Electrocardiogram both at rest and esercize;
4. Spirometry (breathing test)

For Golf, Bowls, Archery, Badminton, Table tennis and Shooting it is only required to have a Medical-sports check-up, a regular urine test and Electrocardiogram at rest.
This kind of medical certificate must have one year validity, considering the closing day of 11th August, 2013 and needs to be in English or French.

At the bottom of the page please find attached a fac-simile of medical certificate which has mandatory to be signed by a doctor.
The athletes not in possession of all the requirements above mentioned, by sending an email to info@torino2013wmg.org will receive all the informations about registration and the modalities in the way to obtain a medical-sports check-up directly through the OC at the Games Centre.

Medical certificate fac-simile